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Geo AR | Geospatial Augmented Reality

Magical AR Christmas


Each of the 4 posters brings a different AR experience to life and is aimed at families.

To play the game, download the App and, look at the related poster through the app to bring it to life.

If you are nowhere near one of those cities or locations or have missed the date they were on display, then you can find the posters further below. Open one of the posters on your desktop. Now open the app on your mobile device and look at the image through your device.

The game has no in-app purchases or advertising and has no religious context. It is a simple game the community can enjoy using almost any mobile device to get into the Christmas spirit.

The 4 AR experiences are:
Fly Santa's Sleigh by tapping on the screen. Avoid flying into the rooftops and pick up cookies and milk along the way.
Help a reindeer find presents and make sure to jump the logs and gates that are in the way. Smaller swipes mean small hops and big swipes mean big jumps!
Decorate the Christmas Tree and make sure it doesn't fall over. Move the sliders to decorate.
Take a photo with Santa and share it on your social media channel. Stand in front of the poster and have someone take your photo!

Video Trailer

See this project come to life through our demo video. Check out its creative features and functionalities. Watch now!



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