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Geo AR | Geospatial Augmented Reality

Scout About


When Covid disrupted South Seas Island Resort's beloved 'Scout About' scavenger hunt for kids, they turned to Geo AR Games for a creative solution. The Scout About App was born, seamlessly blending the joy of the original hunt with digital innovation. Through the app, young adventurers collect captivating animations using QR codes and gain insights into the local flora and fauna. As participants complete the scavenger hunt, they are treated to a personalized pirate dance and receive a voucher for ice cream at the resort's store, encouraging moments of excitement and delight. Not only does the app offer a fun-filled experience, but it also serves as an educational tool, fostering an appreciation for the resort's natural surroundings.

In the collaborative effort between South Seas Island Resort and Geo AR Games, the Scout About App brings endless possibilities to life. Enabling children to explore the resort's enchanting grounds in an interactive way, the app sparks curiosity and love for nature. Sharing their triumphs on social media, participants celebrate their adventures with friends and family, creating a sense of shared joy. As the youngest guests forge unforgettable memories, the Scout About App stands as a testament to the power of technology and imagination, proving that even amidst challenges, the spirit of adventure can thrive.

Video Trailer

See this project come to life through our demo video. Check out its creative features and functionalities. Watch now!



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