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Geo AR | Geospatial Augmented Reality

Bespoke Experiences

If you have a unique story to tell, we can create a game to bring it to life. Whether you want players to view architectural wonders, play captivating motion games, or travel through the solar system and beyond, we’ll help make it happen.  

Our bespoke experiences can also effectively deliver messages to your audience through gamification, helping to drive real behaviour change. 


We’ve already built several captivating games, from pirate treasure hunts to holographic immersive stories. For us, the sky’s the limit.  


A very mean yeti has trapped Santa's reindeer in a snowy ice world. It's up to you to free the reindeer and show them the way to Santa's sleigh, so he can get ready for Christmas. While you’re collecting the reindeer, don’t forget to fix the snowmen who need your help!

Save Christmas

We’ve built a number of seasonal games to tie in with holidays, celebrations, and festive events. If you have a significant date coming up, talk to us about a bespoke game to bring the special occasion to life.

The Season of play

Aotea Stories was a game inspired by the heritage of Auckland city. Based on historical footage and imagery, we gave players the chance to travel back in time to see how the landscape had changed. While fully immersed in the augmented world, players went on a time-travelling adventure to ensure past events didn’t change. It was up to participants to make sure Auckland became the city we all know and love today.

Aotea Stories

Our dinosaurs are celebrating Easter by dressing up in furry bunny ears and having a great time! But there’s one bad dino who’s stealing the easter eggs, so it’s your job to put them back where they belong. But hurry, there’s an Easter bunny (or is that just a dinosaur…) who’ll try to steal the eggs back again.

The Easter . . . dinosaur?

Collect the pumpkins in our spooky graveyard, but you’ll have to watch out! They can be full of surprises. And don’t forget to release all the trapped monsters you find along the way. There’s even a wicked witch you can help free from her cage, but is that REALLY a good idea?

Haunted halloween

The City of Canning converted their Wharf Street Basin into a beautifully landscaped wetland and park. Our task was to engage the locals and help them understand the important role of a wetlands area. Using augmented reality and real-time data, we created several mini-games to bring the ecosystem to life. Smart sensors collected water quality and micro-climate information, which we integrated with our games, helping players to appreciate and care more about their environment.

Caring for canning

This scavenger hunt was created for South Seas Island Resort Captiva Island and encouraged guests to explore the island and learn about the environment. Along the way, players could collect digital, hand-drawn animations that brought the local flora and fauna to life. Players who finished the game had their faces mapped onto a digital pirate who performed a personalized pirate jig, and they were rewarded with ice cream from the resort’s store.

Captain Green

Let's Build your Unique Experience

If you think it’s time to make your space even more memorable, then talk to us about creating a game for your audience. We have a team of developers, creators, and makers to help bring your vision to life. And if you only have an inkling of an idea, that’s fine too. We’ll work with you to create a fun-filled experience that players will never forget. We’re ready to start whenever you are.

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