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Geo AR | Geospatial Augmented Reality

Aotea Stories

Aotea Stories is a location-based Augmented Reality game and has been designed to use ARKit and ARCore, mobile technology that allows a device to place objects in a real-world environment. Cities rise and change so rapidly, that it is easy to dismiss the heritage and history that old buildings carry when they are torn down to make room for newer, taller buildings.

Explore Water

This app has been developed for SA WATER in Adelaide, Australia to teach the Happy Valley visitors about water treatment, water supply and about the local Banjo Frog. ​
The app works with frames positioned around the Happy Valley Reservoir making every walk a little bit more interesting with a mix of games, environmental science and useful facts.


The Ultimate Scavenger Hunt Adventure! Set against New Zealand's stunning backdrop, Kāpene-Kākāriki invites kids to download the app and embark on thrilling nature trails. By scanning QR codes at physical stations, they'll uncover fascinating insights into local flora and fauna. This innovative game blends technology with exploration, creating an inspiring educational experience.

Kiwi Kai

Kiwi Kai is an engaging online game for children that educates them on the role of farming in the environment and its impact on biodiversity. The game consists of quests and scenarios over three years, where every decision made affects money, biodiversity, community, and food. The game also promotes Maori language and culture, incorporating māori language and kopapa.

Magical AR Christmas

This Augmented Reality game is linked to 4 posters displayed at selected Christmas Markets, Community Centers, and Libraries in selected cities.

Magical AR Easter

This Augmented Reality game is linked to 4 posters displayed at selected Easter Markets, Community Centers, and Libraries in selected cities.

Magical AR Halloween

This Augmented Reality game is linked to 4 posters displayed at selected Halloween Markets, Community Centers, and Libraries in selected cities.

Magical Park

Magical Park is a digital community playground suitable for seasonal events or year-round fun in spacious parks. It introduces Mixed Reality gaming, encouraging physical activity by immersing kids in interactive worlds that require movement. With multiple game worlds and incentives like collecting crystals for additional activities, children are motivated to return for more outdoor play and exercise, covering distances of 500m-2km while enjoying Magical Park games.

NIWA My Coastal Future

The My Coastal Futures game was developed to help people understand climate change impacts and start thinking about how they might adapt. It provides players with the experience of making decisions about their coastal property as the sea level rises.

NIWA Township Flood Challenge

Township Flood Challenge is an online climate change and extreme weather adaptation resource for teachers.
The lesson packages were co-developed between NIWA and ASSEN.
The lessons are centred around playing NIWA's river flooding serious game titled Township Flood Challenge and includes exploration of climate change, adaptation choices, wellbeing, values and decision making.

On-Site Audio Experience

Audio Onsite Experience is an immersive game that puts you in the role of a sound engineer managing an outdoor gig. Gather equipment, fine-tune instruments, and overcome mishaps to ensure a smooth performance. Learn technical skills and interpersonal communication while earning a score based on your performance. This is a great example of how to simulate educational topics which can only be taught in theory in the classroom.

Sandflat Heroes

Players can explore the sandflat environment through slices of a 3D model that promote different sandflat creatures and facts relating to them. By discovering and interacting with these creatures, players can learn about the importance of preserving this delicate ecosystem and gain a deeper understanding of its complexity.

Scout About

South Seas Island Resort's Scout About App combines the fun of a scavenger hunt with digital excitement, enabling players to collect animations via QR codes and learn about the local flora and fauna. Upon completion, players are rewarded with a personalized pirate dance video and a voucher for ice cream at the resort's store, which they can share on social media.

Smart Canning

The Smart Canning app is a geolocation-based game that takes players around the Wharf Street Basin in the City of Canning, teaching them about the microclimate sensor data and its impact on the water quality. The game consists of six different environmental science games triggered by metal frames located around the pond.

Stand Tall

Stand Tall is a free budgeting game that teaches you how to manage your money. Choose where to focus your finances and learn how to live independently.

There are bills to pay, food and travel to budget for, plus loads of fun things to spend your money on. Get it right and your happiness will soar, but spend too much and you’ll have a financial headache!

The Wizard World of Numbers

The Wizard World of Numbers has been designed as a prototype game for students aged 6+, who are impacted by Cerebral Palsy, to learn to count from 1 to 10. Of course this game can be played by any student who would like to learn to count and loves wizards, magical potions and spells as much as we do!

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