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Geo AR | Geospatial Augmented Reality

Kiwi Kai


Kiwi Kai is a game where children take on the role of a farmer on an adventure intertwined with environmental education. Developed collaboratively by Geo AR Games, Science Learning Hub, and Landcare Research, the game offers an array of engaging gameplay elements. Players are able to tour diverse locations on a map, including paddocks, a river, wetlands, and a forest, fostering a sense of exploration and connection to nature. The game itself takes place over three years throughout every season.

During their gameplay, players will encounter quests that unlock badges and biodiversity icons, immersing them in the fascinating world of different species found in each area they explore. Alongside managing the farm and completing tasks to maintain its health, players also delve into preserving biodiversity within these environments. Kiwi Kai also incorporates Māori language and matauranga/knowledge, creating an interactive and enlightening experience.

Video Trailer

Dive into the world of Kiwi Kai. Follow children as they navigate quests that teach about farming, biodiversity, and Maori culture. See how their decisions impact various aspects of the environment. Watch now and embark on this educational journey!


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