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Geo AR | Geospatial Augmented Reality

On-Site Audio Experience


On-site Audio Experience is an immersive simulation that puts players into the shoes of a skilled sound engineer overseeing an outdoor gig. Players must gather the necessary equipment needed for an outdoor gig, fine-tune instrument sound during the equalising of the event space, and tackle unexpected mishaps that may arise during the live event. This hands-on adventure allows players to add valuable technical skills while simultaneously honing interpersonal communication talents. The players performance in their technical ability and communications skills will add up to a final score at the end of the simulation.

On-Site Audio Experience serves as an example of how a simulation can aid theoretical learning within the confines of a classroom. By immersing players in realistic and practical scenarios, the On-Site Audio Experience offers an opportunity to apply knowledge in a context that mirrors real-life challenges. The game's interactive nature empowers participants to fine-tune their decision-making abilities, embrace innovative problem-solving techniques, and gain a understanding of the intricate world of sound engineering during an outdoor gig.

Video Trailer

See this project come to life through our demo video. Check out its creative features and functionalities. Watch now!



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