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Geo AR | Geospatial Augmented Reality

Explore Water


Explore Water is an Augmented Reality experience linked to several frames around the Happy Valley Reservoir in Adelaide, Australia. Each frame serves as an exciting portal into various aspects of water education.

Engage in a fun jumping game, where you take on the role of a banjo frog leaping through its habitat. Explore an interactive landscape, unveiling the source of water supply and how the community will never truly run out of water. Dive into a thrilling game that demonstrates the water treatment process, making it safe to drink.

The excitement doesn't stop there! Our 3D map guides you to other AR frames, transforming your walk into a treasure hunt for knowledge and adventure. Discover the wonders of environmental science, play interactive games, and gather useful facts along the way. Embrace this immersive experience, where learning meets fun in the heart of nature and gain a deeper appreciation for the vital role of water in our lives.

Video Trailer

Discover the wonders of water treatment and local wildlife. See how the Explore Water app engages Happy Valley visitors with interactive frames and educational games. Watch now to learn more about this unique environmental science experience!


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