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Geo AR | Geospatial Augmented Reality

NIWA My Coastal Future


The My Coastal Futures game is a collaborative effort by NIWA, Hum Interactive, and Geo AR Games, designed to foster an understanding of climate change impacts and encourage thoughtful adaptation. My Coastal Futures empowers players to make critical decisions about their coastal properties, reflecting the real-world dilemmas caused by climate change. Through this interactive journey, participants gain valuable insights into the complex implications of sea-level rise and the importance of adaptation in safeguarding coastal communities.

Players immerse themselves in a captivating experience where they take on the role of a property owner facing the challenges of a rising sea level. As players navigate the game, they'll encounter various options to tackle the rising sea. One option involves constructing a seawall to protect their property from the encroaching sea. Players can also move back on their section, allowing space for natural buffers and giving room for the coastal environment to adapt. There's even a possibility of relocating entirely away from the sea. By stepping into the shoes of a coastal property owner, players gain valuable insights into the real-world dilemmas faced by communities worldwide, offering a unique and immersive approach to comprehend climate change's impact on coastal environments.

Video Trailer

See this project come to life through our demo video. Check out its creative features and functionalities. Watch now!



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