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Geo AR | Geospatial Augmented Reality

Smart Canning


Geo AR Games was approached by the City of Canning to develop an augmented reality game aimed at educating the community about water quality. The outcome, the Smart Canning app, is a geolocation-based game guiding players around the Wharf Street Basin, imparting knowledge about microclimate sensor data and its impact on water quality. Comprising six distinct environmental science games activated by metal frames placed around the pond, the app enlightens players on the effects of pollutants and human activities on waterways, all while aiding native animals in their quest for food and exploring storm water quality.

Immersive experiences await at each frame, starting with an interactive 3D map that showcases the location of park amenities, helping players navigate with ease. Embrace the role of a motorbike frog in a jumping game, leaping through the habitat and exploring the wonders of the pond. Delve into the skies with the Gould's wattled bat, as players engage in a flying game while learning about the significance of this nocturnal creature in the ecosystem. Encounter an interactive water quality scene, where insights into pollutants and human impact on waterways come to life, fostering a deeper appreciation for the importance of water conservation. Smart Canning blends entertainment and education, providing a memorable outdoor experience that empowers the community to become advocates for their local environment.

Video Trailer

Uncover the science behind water quality with our demo video of Smart Canning. Explore the Wharf Street Basin and engage with environmental science games triggered by geolocation. Watch now to learn more about this innovative app!


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