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Magical AR Easter


Each of the 4 posters brings a different AR experience to life and is aimed at families.

To play the game, download the App and, look at the related poster through the app to bring it to life.

This App is a digital option Cities or resorts can use to engage their community in a fun seasonal event that promotes social distance and can be played anywhere. The poster can be hung up inside community centers, libraries, or printed on corflute and mounted on wooden posts to be displayed outdoors in a park or along a trail.
Almost all devices will work and its a fun way to get the community to go for a spring or Easter walk with small gamified rewards along the way.

If you are nowhere near one of those cities or locations or have missed the date they were on display, then you can find the posters below. Open one of the posters on your desktop. Now open the app on your mobile device and look at the image through your device.

The game has no in-app purchases or advertising and has no religious context. It is a simple game the community can enjoy using almost any mobile device to get into the Easter spirit.

Video Trailer

Hop into the Easter spirit. Discover how the Magical AR Easter game brings posters to life at markets and community centers. Watch now and enjoy the seasonal fun in Augmented Reality!


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