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Geo AR | Geospatial Augmented Reality

GET KIDS ACTIVE! The world's first digital playground

Vetted by over 130 Cities

Join the adventure in our digital playground filled with fairies, dinosaurs, robots, and creatures, thanks to augmented reality. Perfect for 6-11 year olds, kids spend on average 45 minutes running, chasing, and discovering while playing educational games that make science, nature and make-believe come alive! The thrill of learning meets the outdoors — come be a part of the adventure!



If you haven’t got a Magical Park you can ask your city Parks & Recreation department to subscribe to Magical Park for your community.


Your city will carefully choose specific parks for Magical Park, creating a safe geofenced area for the game.


Download and play Magical Park completely free/ad free in the designated parks! Have fun!!!



Magical Park is the World's First Digital Playground. You can now PLAY Magical Park in Australia, New Zealand, Germany & USA.


  • It’s best to download the Magical Park app on Wifi.

  • Only phones/devices with a gyroscope, GPS, accelerometer and compass are compatible with Magical Park.

  • Click on either Playstore or Appstore to download.


  • Charge your phone/device.

  • Ensure your phone case doesn't have a magnetic clasp since that can get you kicked out of the game because it impacts on your safety.

  • Play in the afternoon for better visibility.


  • Search for your nearest activated park through the Magical Park app map.

  • Visit the park.

  • Connect to WiFi, mobile data, or hotspots.

  • Open the app.

  • Allow GPS and camera.

  • Follow the on-screen instructions to Calibrate your device.

  • Walk to the virtual pink marker.

  • Once you're close enough, it will change to an orange portal. Then click on it.


  • Choose a game world.

  • Follow on-screen instructions for the mission.

  • Switch games by clicking the dragon and then the home button.

  • Need help? Click the dragon.


Magical Park is purchased through a city subscription model. If you are a city looking for a Magical Park, you have complete flexibility over its operating duration. Whether you need the experience to run for two weeks over the school holidays or you’d like Magical Park to be an all-year attraction, we can make it happen. We can even move the park every few months across your city so every neighbourhood gets a turn. Whatever your budget, we’re sure we can bring some magic to your space. 


Geo AR Games will help promote Magical Park to your community by providing a range of marketing materials. We will also work with you to create a simple marketing strategy and the best way to advertise Magical Park in your area and make it a success.


The safety of our players is paramount. That’s why Magical Park is a geofenced game and only works in pre-approved, dedicated spaces. We also don't allow data mining, in-game purchases, or advertising. Our aim is to offer a simple, secure, and engaging experience for everyone. 



A sneaky raptor is stealing dinosaur eggs and taking them back to his cave. Try and return the eggs to the nest where they belong before the raptor gets them all. But watch out for the Tyrannosaurus Rex, he’s coming to get you! The idea behind this game is to teach players about goodwill by finding and returning property to its rightful owner.


Enter a fantasy land filled with fairies, kittens, and dragons! Catch all 15 of the wild kittens before they wreak havoc, but you must hurry! If you take too long, the evil fairy will start snatching the little kitties from you. The lessons in this game focus on catching and rehoming wild animals to ensure they don’t endanger other wildlife.


Extra-terrestrials have finally found their way to earth. In this race against time, you must release the caged aliens before the horrible Munching Monster eats them all. Can you save all the aliens? The fate of the earth is in your hands! As one of our multiplayer experiences, this game enables users with a competitive streak to race other players and finish first.


Oh no! The robots have lost their heads (and some of their limbs!). It’s up to you to find their parts and put them back together. Some of the robots squeak and need a bit of oil too, move fast and help these machines get back on their feet! While playing this game, players learn the value of helping and caring for another species.


An evil litterer has left glass bottles, pizza boxes, apple cores, and other rubbish all over the park. Now the enchanted trees are sick, so it’s up to you to collect the garbage and restore the forest’s magical properties. This game exposes players to the basics of recycling while educating them on the importance of rubbish sorting.

Ocean Clean Up

Explore the ocean depths and see what lies beneath the surface. Who knows what kind of creatures inhabit these waters, but while you’re down there, be sure to help collect the rubbish. Once the ocean floor has been restored to its original beauty, marine life can return home. When players participate in this game, they become marine conservationists and begin to understand the impact rubbish has on ocean creatures.

Ocean Rescue

The creatures of the sea need your help! Dolphins, turtles, and fish are trapped in fishing nets, rubbish bags, and other litter. Free them quickly – because the evil mermaid is coming to turn them into jellyfish! In this game, players learn about the dangers of fishing nets and ocean rubbish that cause harm to marine life.

Australia Explorer

What’s that creature over there? Can you guess just by listening to its sound? Take an outback adventure and discover all kinds of weird and wonderful animals that call Australia home. Uncover all the animals to win, but make sure you look everywhere, some clever creatures are hiding! This game teaches players about conservation and habitat loss by providing thought-provoking facts on each animal.

Save the Bees

Get ready to buzz around and collect pollen as a busy bee! Beware of the potential dangers lurking in the garden, such as pesticides and noisy lawn mowers, which can be harmful to bees. To see the world through the eyes of a bee, you can turn on "UV vision". Interesting facts about bees are scattered throughout the garden, providing a fun way to learn about these important pollinators. So, put on your wings and get ready to explore the garden!

A Fantastic range of experiences

Coming Soon


We’ve built an interface into the games Australian, Arctic, and Australian Explorer, as well as Augmentia that makes them easier for vision-impaired players to participate in the experience. 


All of our Magical Park games can be played in ‘easy mode’. This removes the time limits imposed on the player to complete the game, providing a calmer, more relaxed experience. 


By using authentic 3D spatial animal sounds, a number of our games provide an engaging and rewarding experience for vision-impaired players. 


A number of our games feature a Voice Over to help players who aren’t confident readers or younger participants and need help understanding the instructions. 


Embark on an exciting African adventure and listen to the sounds of the wild! Can you guess which animal is making each sound? Explore a small African landscape and discover a variety of fascinating animals that roam the continent. Be sure to search high and low, as some elusive creatures are hiding in unexpected places. This game provides thought-provoking facts about each animal, teaching players about the importance of wildlife conservation and protecting their habitats. Uncover all the animals to win and become an expert African explorer!

African Explorer

In this Arctic adventure, you will embark on a journey to uncover the secrets of the frozen tundra. Listen closely to the sounds of the wilderness and discover the unique animals that call this region home. But beware, some cunning creatures may be hiding just out of sight! As you progress, learn some fun tidbits about all the marvelous animals in this icy climate. Can you unlock all the Arctic's secrets and become a true polar explorer?

Arctic Explorer

Fancy a Demo?

Talk to us about a free trial and experience the fun first-hand. 


Collect the pumpkins in our spooky graveyard, but you’ll have to watch out! They can be full of surprises. And don’t forget to release all the trapped monsters you find along the way. There’s even a wicked witch you can help free from her cage, but is that REALLY a good idea?

Stars & Stripes

Stars and red stripes have been scattered around the farm. It's up to you to collect them and restore the American flag to its former glory! Your mission is to retrieve them all and return them to their rightful place on the flag. With no time limit or obstacles to worry about, you can take your time and enjoy the beautiful scenery while completing your mission. So, put on your walking shoes and get ready to scour the farm for missing stars and stripes!


A very mean yeti has trapped Santa's reindeer in a snowy ice world. It's up to you to free the reindeer and show them the way to Santa's sleigh, so he can get ready for Christmas. While you’re collecting the reindeer, don’t forget to fix the snowmen who need your help!

Chinese New Year

You become a hero as you must collect scattered pandas around a temple courtyard and bring them to a Paifang. However, you need to beware of the beast Nian, who will try to snatch pandas or YOU if you're not quick enough. Luckily, you can stay safe by standing in the big red circles. With vibrant graphics and challenging gameplay, this game is perfect for all ages. Join in the fun and learn about Chinese mythology along the way!

Special Occasion

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