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Sandflat Heroes


Sandflat Heroes is an immersive and educational AR app, a collaborative effort with the New Zealand Marine Discovery Centre in Leigh. Triggered by either an indoor poster or an outdoor frame, the app introduces players to the fascinating ecosystem of New Zealand's sandflats. Currently hosted at the Discovery Centre, the game leverages a poster doubling as a playable QR code to promote the experience.

Once in the app, players explore the sandflat environment through slices of a 3D model showcasing various sandflat creatures and related facts. By interacting with these creatures, players delve into the complexity of the ecosystem, understanding its significance and the need for its preservation. Sandflat Heroes offers an engaging and interactive way to immerse oneself in the splendour and diversity of New Zealand's natural world, all while raising awareness about the paramount importance of conservation

Video Trailer

Explore the delicate ecosystem of sandflats. Discover various sandflat creatures and their importance through interactive 3D models. Learn and play—watch now!


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