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The Wizard World of Numbers


Step into the enchanting realm of The Wizard World of Numbers, a carefully crafted maths game tailored for students severely impacted by Cerebral Palsy. Embracing the power of repetition through variety, this delightful game guides students on a journey to master counting from 1 to 10, followed by simple additions. Playing is a breeze, as students need only gesture a yes or no response while a caregiver or teacher brings their choices to life. The game's accessibility extends beyond its primary audience, welcoming any student eager to learn and captivated by the allure of wizards, magical potions, and spells—just as much as we are!

The Wizard World of Numbers is a magical playground of learning and fun, where imagination thrives, and mathematical skills flourish. Designed with love and care, this game empowers students with Cerebral Palsy to build essential numeracy skills while embarking on a thrilling adventure. Beyond its original purpose, students of all backgrounds are invited to join in the enchantment, uniting in the joy of numbers and the enchanting world of wizards.

Video Trailer

Enter a magical world of learning with Wizard World of Numbers. See how this game helps students, including those with Cerebral Palsy, learn to count from 1 to 10. Enjoy the magical potions and spells—watch now!


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